Eulonda is an innovative professional with a unique background encompassing 20+ years as a federal criminal investigator, writing, and award-winning short filmmaking.

Creativity, strategic insight, project management, and problem-solving savviness make Eulonda an invaluable partner with a strong work ethic and ability to achieve targeted results.

Eulonda’s wide-ranging writing and diverse experiences influence her perspective and serve as a backdrop for ideas, concepts, and themes she pursues in her work.

Eulonda is a proven leader with professional experience conducting and supervising criminal investigations, policy development, drafting Congressional and FOIA inquiry responses, and public speaking. She served as the acting Director of Communications for IRS-Criminal Investigation and provided oversight of the agency’s communications team and public statements. She also served as the IRS-CI delegate to the Financial Action Task Force and agency liaison to the United States Treasury Department.

Eulonda believes strongly in advocacy and collaboration and supports organizations and causes that empower women, youth, and the community.