EulondaKayLeaEulonda Kay Lea
is an award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter, and novelist. Her passion for diverse characters and complex themes are at the heart of her storytelling. With more than 19 years experience as a federal law enforcement Special Agent, her work ethic, strategic thought process, and high-level project management skillsets make her an invaluable partner. Her wide-ranging investigative and leadership experience give her a unique perspective and serve as a backdrop for many of the concepts and themes she explores in her work.

Eulonda dove into filmmaking by volunteering on 48 Hour Film Projects, a competition in which films are written, shot, edited, and scored in 48 hours. These films are by no means Oscar quality; but, these trial by fire experiences ignited her love and appreciation for filmmaking.

Her film education includes screenwriting, directing, and producing training through DCTV, Independent Filmmaker Project, The Writer’s Center, master classes, and on professional film production sets, including her own.

Eulonda is a member of and serves on the Board of Directors for Women in Film and Video, Washington, DC. She is also a member of Independent Filmmaker Project, The Actor’s Center, and supports other causes that empower women, youth, and the filmmaking community.