Eulonda Kay Lea

Eulonda is a writer, novelist, and award-winning short filmmaker and a former career special agent with a federal law enforcement agency.

Her leap into filmmaking began with the 48 Hour Film Project, a competition in which short films are written, filmed, edited, and scored in 48 hours. From those trial by fire experiences, her love for filmmaking blossomed and she formed her production company, Eustress Entertainment, LLC. Her “non-traditional” film school education includes certifications from DCTV, The Writer’s Center, Women in Film and Video (DC Chapter), books, workshops, and by doing.

She is a member of Women in Film, Los Angeles and supports organizations that empower women, youth, and the community. She serves as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for the Sacramento County foster care program and served on the Blue Ribbon Commission for the Establishment of a Commission for Women and Girls in Sacramento County.

Eulonda is always on the move, working on her next story, and ready for a creative adventure. She is a documentary film junkie with a soft spot for hip-hop and lives in Sacramento with her husband, Tim.

Eulonda is a natural storyteller with the mind and make of a producer.”

Yaphet Jackman, Cinematographer/Director