SOLOMON DASKO – follows a recovering heroin abuser holding onto his dream of becoming a famous blues singer.  The film was written by Eulonda and directed by Yaphet Jackman and serves as a proof of concept for French Onion Soup. Visit the Solomon Dasko Facebook page  

ODE TO ROSA-POSTER-_Eulonda Lea.001ODE TO ROSA – Charles Houston, a happy-go-lucky bus operator, agrees to work the worst bus route in the city, filled with out of control passengers who fail to honor Rosa Parks or respect the ride. Visit the Ode To Rosa Facebook page.

ODE TO ROSA (10.57min)Now on kweliTV.  Check out the behind-the-scenes video on Vimeo.

#SEETHEBOY – (3min) – African-American boys are more likely to be “seen” as adults by the police than are children of other races. African-American men are 21 more times likely to be shot by the police. #SeeTheBoy was inspired by the killing of Tamir Rice, a child playing with a toy gun in a park. #SeeTheBoy Facebook page.#SeeTheBoy