SOLOMON DASKO – A recovering heroin abuser holds onto his dream of becoming a famous blues singer. Directed by Yaphet Jackman  and written by Eulonda Kay Lea Solomon Dasko Facebook page

ODE TO ROSA – A happy-go-lucky bus driver agrees to work the worst bus route in the city, filled with out of control passengers who fail to honor Rosa Parks or respect the ride.  Written & Directed by Eulonda Kay Lea Ode To Rosa Facebook page. Check out the behind-the-scenes video on Vimeo.

#SEETHEBOY – (3min) – African-American boys are more likely to be “seen” as adults by the police than are children of other races. This silent, ultra-short was inspired by the killing of Tamir Rice, a Black child playing with a toy gun in a park.  Written, Directed, Edited by Eulonda Kay Lea #SeeTheBoy Facebook page