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On My Way to Jury Duty on Editor’s Pick – October 30, 2016

Superior Court of the District of Columbia Moultrie Courthouse

My Favorite Part of Christmas on

Eulonda (age 3) rocking a fly leather – trimmed coat












“Shadow Envy” by Eulonda Kay Lea

Seeking significance which exists complete,
Longing and choosing not to believe.
Racing for what is possessed outright,
Strides increasing to a halt deceived.

Touch the air; yet fear not the reflection,
Evolve and be born as what you are.
More of that which came and went lingers,
Admiring rejected offerings from afar.

Blind eyes refuse clarity,
Yet embrace false images imitating the truth.
Behold what lies ahead for the taking.
You see your shadow and wish it was you.


What do you do when your favorite musical artist dies?  You create a tribute video.  Here’s my tribute to Prince, the GOAT. RIP.  Watch my Prince Tribute Video on YouTube.