French Onion Soup (Drama/Feature) ~ A mentally ill man goes off his medication which leads him to become a guitar teacher with no playing ability.  Visit the French Onion Soup Website.

Solomon Dasko (Drama/Short) ~ A homeless street musician holds on to his dream of being a famous blues singer while battling drug addiction.

Angelic Rap Crusade (Dramedy/Feature) ~ When a successful but misguided rap star’s life spirals out of control, it is up to an angel with a bad attitude to save him.

Ode to Rosa (Comedy/Short) ~ A happy-go-lucky bus operator agrees to work the worst bus route in the city, filled with out of control passengers who refuse to honor Rosa Parks or respect the ride.

Second Numbers (Drama/Feature)~ A federal agent joins forces with an ex-communicated alcoholic to expose a secret covenant the covenant’s keepers are willing to do anything to protect.

Life Misspelled (Fiction/Novel) ~ The intertwined lives of four women whose relationships are shaped by secrets and regret. (Representation: Hays Media, LLC ~ Sales@HaysMedia.net)


Synopses and further details provided upon formal inquiry.